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We inspire local students and local talents to help their local communities. Create a personal brand and businesses that enhances our society. We do this by providing online courses, tools, challenges, and our Worksity free platform to connect with your clients.

The perfect place to start your local business.

The ideal place to connect with and work together within your local community. Always free of charge and commission, is an online marketplace created specifically for students and individuals looking to gain experience and start their successful local business. Be a job creator, not a job seeker.

Organised and simplified in a sequential order. (Coming Soon)

For you to learn a bit more effective and efficient, we have break down the elements aspects of people as individuals, economy, and society into simple, essential building-blocks, programs and tools. Then we help you assemble the pieces you need to create your masterpiece, whether it means personal mastery or building a game-changing business.

Get access to life tools

Check out our awesome life toolbox, using 'notion' our favourite note-taking platform! Whether it's personal or business situations, we have compiled the most useful knowledge, skills and processes for everyone to discover. Create the ultimate health bible, take a step into your own mind palace or start a bank within your family.. intrigued? Sign up today for instant access to 30+ tools for changing your life.

One-O-One video calls once a month with Amin from The Worksity Academy®

Once a month we go on a one-o-one phone call or a video call discussing your progress regarding your business and your personal journey or lifestyle. (Limited Time Only)

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The best way to keep learning and growing is to feed yourself with new ideas and inspiration, every day. Sign up for our monthly Business Ideas to Start Now (mailing list), free articles, social media channels, and condition yourself to be the best you can be.
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Came out of the university with a secured job because of Worksity. And the job is my own business, doing what I love. Blessed.
James May
Worksity has changed my life
Madison Davey
There is not such a thing like Worksity ever.
Julia Smith