May 26, 2020
Start a Web Design business

A useful, brief and effective guide on how to start a Web Design business.

First and foremost, before you start to earn money, you need to establish the type of web design business you wish to do, and also noting that there is an order and some rules as well as laws we all require to follow in conjunction to the country that we’re in.

In the UK, the below four points are extremely important: -

  • Understanding the benefits of becoming self-employed or starting a limited company
  • How to register as self-employed or as a limited company. (5 minute process).
  • Self assessment and Tax benefits of being self-employed or with a limited company.
  • Insurance.

Now, let’s list tools and start-up costs for a WebDesign business in your local area, or wherever you may be!

  • Laptop = £160 and upwards
  • Web design software = Free and paid options.

The total cost to start your web design business today is £160! There’s no excuse, because many people have done it!

Developing your Web Design business

  • Rather than setting up a web design business tailored to anybody and everybody, look to define your brand from the get-go. Establish who your target market is and build from there. You can always expand or change this later down the line.
  • If you didn’t create an impressive website for yourself prior to launching your business, now is the time. Creating an exceptional website make a lot of sense in this industry, so when prospective clients come to see your work, they’re impressed by how creative and professional you are, so if your website is great, the customer will likely be thinking ‘’I’ve come to the right web designer!’’. First impressions count for a lot, so why not make the most of it and give yourself a head start.
  • Expand your target market, think outside the box and look to change your style as often as possible. Some web designers make every single website look exactly the same, whether it be for a kitchen company, creative agency or a gym, the only difference is the name at the top and what the information says. If you use templates to build a website, then regularly offer different options to the client, and if you build websites from scratch, take the time to come up with new ideas and layouts, because it will separate you from the rest of the competition.

Helpful tips - Creating a solid website for a client is of the utmost importance, but it’s not only about the product. Providing excellent customer service and transparency is also highly sought after by customers, and most certainly should be at the top of your list. What good is a website if the person whose creating it doesn’t communicate properly and/or doesn’t ask the right questions, or give the right feedback when discussing a client's project? We cannot stress enough the importance of good customer service.

Offer competitive rates, or perhaps undercut your competition. There are no rules or regulations when it comes to how much you charge, therefore, look to attract new business as quickly as possible, especially when you’re starting out. Don’t forget, when you’re brand new, nobody knows you or has worked with you, so why would people pay high prices for an unproven web designer? When you’ve made some contacts, built some websites and done a great job, you can then look to increase your charges, but ensure it’s not too far away from the initial price you use to offer, otherwise current and future customers will likely look elsewhere.

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