May 26, 2020
Start a Freelance Writing business.

A useful, brief and effective guide on how to start a Freelance Writing business.

First and foremost, before you start to earn money,there is an order and some rules as well as laws we all require to follow in conjunction to the country that we’re in.

In the UK, the below four points are extremely important: -

  • Understanding the benefits of becoming self-employed or starting a limited company
  • How to register as self-employed or as a limited company (5 minute process).
  • Self assessment and tax benefits of being self-employed or with a limited company.
  • Insurance.

Before you start to earn money, you need to establish the type of writing you want to create.

Now, let’s list tools and start-up costs for a Freelance Writing business: -

  • Somewhere to put your writing, for e.g.,SquareSpace or Wordpress = £15 per month and upwards, and some offer free hosting
  • Laptop = prices start from £160
  • Internet = prices start from £22.99 per month, or you can use free wifi (a library or a cafe, although the latter may want to you buy something every time you visit)

The total cost to start your freelance writing business today is £197.99! There’s no excuse, because my business partner has done it himself!

Developing your freelance writing business

  • Marketing your business is important for any business. The only way people are going to discover your writing is by telling people about it, and there’s no better way than Social Media. Whether that be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or any other well known platform, reaching out to the masses can only gain you great exposure. However, just be sure to research the platform before you begin posting and sharing, so you can get the most out of it.
  • Writing great content is the best way to get things moving, and writing plenty of articles gives you the experience you need to get better. As your writing progresses, always take the time to review what you’ve been writing and how you’ve been writing it. Could the content you’re writing be better explained, more creative, etc. Perhaps your chosen topics aren’t as exciting as they could be, therefore, analyse your metric data, i.e., popular content, click rates, and through that you can be sure that what you’re writing is well received or not.
  • Once you’ve developed an audience, or perhaps you want to venture out into a different market, the world is your oyster. You can easily branch off and start writing content of a completely different nature.Whether that be articles on advice, personal experiences, children’s books, fiction, etc. Whatever you want to create, you have that power. Simply research what you want to start writing before you begin, so you at least know the basics.

Helpful tips - Have someone you trust read your work, then ask for constructive feedback. If it’s only you reading what you write, how are you going to know if it’s any good or if there are any improvements to be made?

Always check the spelling and grammar of your work before sharing it to the world. That could be as simple as reading it twice or three times over, or if you’re short for time, copy and paste it to Google docs and perform a spell-check. Just be sure to take note of any words you miss-spelt, so they can be added to your vocabulary. It’s great having a computer do it for you, but it’s even better when you remember it for next time or future articles.

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Darius Green

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