May 26, 2020
Start a Dog Walking business.

A useful, brief and effective guide on how to start a Dog Walking business.

First and foremost, before you start to earn money, you need to establish the type of Dog Walking business you wish to do, and also noting that there is an order and some rules as well as laws we all require to follow in conjunction to the country that we’re in.

In the UK, the below four points are extremely important: -

  • Understanding the benefits of becoming self-employed or starting a limited company
  • How to register as self-employed or as a limited company. (5 minute process).
  • Self assessment and Tax benefits of being self-employed or with a limited company.
  • Insurance.

Now, let’s list tools and start-up costs for a DogWalking business in your local area, or wherever you may be!

  • Mobile phone = £10 and upwards
  • Public liability insurance = £43 per year and upwards

The total cost to start your Dog Walking business today is £53! There’s no excuse, because many people have done it!

Developing your Dog Walking business

  • Needless to say you need to love the dogs you're going to be looking after, because if you don't, it will clearly show to your customers, and it's also unfair on the dogs. However, the most important thing is having the right knowledge prior to walking someone’s dog. Most people know the basics, but why not do some research, read a book or two on how to understand different breeds of dogs, their behaviour, what to do in an emergency, etc. If you’re feeling up to it, then do a course, add some official qualifications under your belt. It not only advances your knowledge and helps you in the real world, it also shows your customers, as well as prospective ones, that you care about what you do, thus getting your business off to a great start.
  • At the moment in the UK, you do not need a license to walk other people's dogs, but there are things you should do, such as keeping are cord of everything, for e.g., client information, how many dog walks you do, the length of each walk, etc. Protecting this type of information is also extremely important, and you must keep this information private, and do not share it with anyone. This will not only help you to run and improve your business, it also shows professionalism on multiple levels.
  • Should your dog walking business reach a higher stage, you could look to implement an online booking system that includes all the client and dog information. This can be relatively inexpensive, and it shows your customers how busy and successful you’ve become.

Helpful tip - Starting a dog walking business couldn’t be more simple, which is why you need to get the basics down to a tee. Things like picking up dog mess, dogs being on leads when they need to be, and ensuring everybody’s safety has been taken into consideration is paramount.Prior to a dog owner handing their dog over to you, this is a make or break, and without dog owners, you have no business.

Sometimes dogs can start behaving erratically, and as we all know, dogs love treats, so keep some on you at all times!

Written By

Darius Green

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