September 10, 2020
Dog Walking Mini Business Plan

Dog Walking Mini Business Plan

Inspire yourself with a profitable idea: Developing a Dog Walking business.

If you are a dog lover, why don’t you start to be a dog walker?

Doesn't it sound great if you can make money from what you enjoy doing?

Running a dog walking business would bring lots of fun to you than you expect, so don't wait until tomorrow, let's start it now!

What do you need to start this business?

Needless to say, you need to have some basic knowledge of dogs to be able to quickly understand your tiny companions .

For example, you should know different breeds of dogs, their behaviours, their preferences and what you need to do in an emergency.

If you doubt your abilities to take care of dogs, let's do some research or read doggie books, they will be helpful for your business.

You can check the fascinating books written by Zak George: Zak George's Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love. This dog training 'code' guides many dog owner to a better understanding of communication with their pets.

Zak also uploads tons of video on Youtube on his channel: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution that you might find them helpful.

Another book that you would be interested in is Think Dog: An Owner's Guide to Canine Psychology written by John Fisher. Or you can find lots of the other books on Google reads (1)

If you’re feeling up to it, then do a course, add some official qualifications under your belt such as Professional Dog Walker Certificate provided by British College of Canine studies (2)

and Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Course – CPD Certified introduced by (3)

What about money? How much do you need to start this business?

To start your own Dog Walking business in your local area, or wherever you may be! You will need:

  • Mobile phone = £10 and upwards
  • Public liability insurance = £43 per year and upwards

The total cost to start your Dog Walking business today is £53! There’s no excuse because many people have done it!

Before you start, let’s do some market research to gain  insights into your potential customers and competitors.

Evaluating the available demand in your market is very important because it is where your income comes from for running your business. Without understanding your customer, you might struggle to start the first steps in your business.

The easiest and the most effective way to understand your dog walking market is

  • Step 1: Go to gardens and parks near your house to see how many dogs you can get.
  • Step 2: Try to talk with dog owners to understand your potential clients and their pets.
  • Step 3: Build your reputation and surprise your target customers with your knowledge through small conversations.

Believe me, with your great expertise in pet caring, you will impress these people and can easily have your first client.

Besides, there are many other ways to estimate the size of your market and market saturation such as using demographic data or joining dog and pet groups on social media.

How can you access your customers?

While carrying out market research, you have walked into the market and informed people about your presence in this market. However, you still need more to boost your business.

Below are some simple options for you to consider:

Your beloved WorkSity: In WorkSity, we can help you with

  • Marketing and promoting.
  • Website and social media. (Worksity has people looking for dog walkers)
  • Software where clients can schedule time and book online. (worksity)
  • Software to take payments. (worksity)

👉 Watch this short video to learn about Worksity

Compete or complete with competitors?

Do not compete with your neighbour. Grow with your neighbour.

First, study yourself, your business and your worthy rival.

  • What is your weakness: What is your rival's strength that is your weakness?

Learn and implement that into your own business or join and partner with them.

If you wonder that lack of experience might be one of your weakness because you are a newbie. Don't worry! Your love for dogs will help fill the gaps. When you do work from your heart, it won't feel like work at all; so you'll easily spend hours researching and learning everything you need to know. You'll quickly become an expert on this topic that people can trust.

  • What is your strength: What is your strength that differentiates you from your competition?

Capitalise and leverage on that or partner up with them.

Love once again might help you stand out from the crowd as how you treat dogs should be different from others.

Then, nurture your customers and show high values, so they will not go to other competitors.

Remember that a true economy is based on trust.

Trust that if you nurture your people, they will do their best for you to shine.

Thus, the more people trust you, the less reason they have to stop using your services.

Financial Forecast: (Assess your customer's value.)

FACT: According to Pet Food Manufacture Association, in 2019, 25% of the UK citizens own a dog, with the lowest dog population density being in London (only 9% of people owns a dog) (4)

You can apply the following formula to estimate your customer's value:

(Number of available customers) x (Value of each customer) = Total Available Market

For example: In our building, there are about 100 flats.

If there is a dog in every 10 flats (10% of residents owns a dog), and every dog needs at least 2 walks in a week ( assume that the owners can walk their pet themselves in other days during the week).

In a week you can earn (100/10)2£10 = £200

Minimum Viable Product: Validate Your Idea Through Worksity.

"You need to make small, calculated bets on your ideas in order to validate them."

A little bragging about Worksity and how we can help you with your MVP

  • Pricing: It is free, just promote your services in Worksity and test it, without needing to...
  • Build your own website (££££s),
  • Promotion SEO, SEM, Publicity, Email and all other complicated marketing jargons (££££s),
  • Spend time gaining those customers (Hours),
  • Trying to find secure ways to get yourself paid (Hours and £££),
  • Trying to find ways for your customer to feel secure before paying you (Hours and £££).


Worksity is AWESOME....!!!!

Now, if you made it to this stage by validating and proving your local business idea and tested the waters through Worksity platform, let's take it to the next level


If you need any help with that, we would love to be part of it, at Worksity Academy we would love to go into business with you and help you to EXPAND.

Best Practices:

You are allowed to do all of above until you have tested your market and made up to £1000 in a single year (£1000 a year, your total earning). When you have earned your £1000 you have to stop and do all four simple practices below that are required by law before continue providing services in your local community.

Please also note that there are regulations and some rules as well as laws that you are required to follow in conjunction with the country that you are in.

In the UK, the below four points are extremely important:

  • Understanding the benefits of becoming self-employed or starting a limited company
  • How to register as self-employed or as a limited company. (5-minute process).
  • Self-assessment and Tax benefits of being self-employed or with a limited company.
  • Insurance.

Related links:

  1. Google read:
  2. Professional Dog Walker Certificate provided by British College of Canine studies:
  3. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Course – CPD Certified introduced by
  4. Dog population in the UK:

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