June 20, 2020
A simple 3 step process anyone can use to increase your salary every three months

A simple 3 step process anyone can use to increase your salary every three months

Ever wonder how someone can make three times the salary than another person at the same company?

I noticed this with one of my good friends. Let's call him John as he likes to stay anonymous 😛

I hadn't seen John in over 2 years. And I was surprised to see the drastic improvements he'd made in his life. He seemed happier, more focused than ever and the quality of life had drastically changed.

I asked him what his secret was. How was he able to change his life around so quickly.

He told me exactly how he did it. What he told me made so much sense and I realised that this is something anyone can do!

He said, "Amin, this is the basic principle anyone needs to know. You get paid based on the value you bring to your employer. In life, there are problems and solutions. The larger the problem you solve, the higher the value you bring. The higher the value the more its worth and the more you are paid to solve it. Simple."

So let's see the 3 steps you can implement to increase the value you bring.

**1. Discover what you're passionate about.**

To earn more you must learn more.

Solving problems requires skill and this skill can be learnt. Maybe it is a technical skill like coding, artistic skill like graphic design or leadership skills because you like to design and complete projects.

The way to find which skill to master has no easy answer. It is a matter of trial and error. You have to start experimenting and trying new things until you find your calling.

You'll know it's your calling when you forget to eat and sleep! Think back to things you've done in that past when you've gone through a phase like this? This is all you can think about. It is like an obsession.

This is what's required to learn the skills because it will not feel like work. You'll get out of bed everyone morning with a spring in your step to learn everything you can on this. You'll look like a madman to the outside world but internally you'll be the happiest you've ever been.

So go start trying different things. Learn different skills. Take up some courses.

**2. Specialise in that skill**

Once you've found your passion, now you want to specialise in that skill. You want to be so good that they cannot replace you. You want to be irreplaceable by other people or technology.

There are only two things you want to consider:

1. **Technical and Creative Skills**

Are you technically inclined? A coder, an engineer or an accountant perhaps. Or are you artistically inclined?

These creative work can never be replaced by computers. And because creative work is heavily influenced by your subjective experience, it will be very hard to replace that with another individual.

You want to continually learn new skills and keep improving. This way you can bring in 10x the value than anyone else.

There are plenty of ways to increase your knowledge and skills such as through books or websites, for e.g., [www.coursera.org](http://www.coursera.org/) and [www.linkedin.com/learning](http://www.linkedin.com/learning).

2. **People Skills**

The second field you can improve on is people skills. World is chaos and order. The person who can bring order to the chaos is very valuable.

For example, in your company, there are a lot of people. Each person has their own goals, beliefs, and values.

So if you can organise and motivate a bunch of people, with such different incentives towards one common vision and achieve the company's goal then you are very valuable to the employer.

This is why managers and executives get paid so much more even though they are not involved in the actual day to day work.

This is not an easy skill but it is a very learnable skill. Here are the basic things you need to master:

1. Learn about human psychology, personality types and what motivates them. *Read top books on psychology, learn about Myers Briggs personality types.*

2. Work on and improve your communication skills. If you cannot communicate effectively then you cannot guide people towards a task. *Go join your local toastmaster and read books on communication skills. Crucial conversations is a must read book.*

3. Learn how to sell. Managing people requires you to be able to sell them on your vision and goals. To do this you need to know how to influence and persuade people. *Go take up courses on persuasion and sales. Influence, Pitch anything and SPIN selling are must read books*.

4. Learn how to plan, lead and manage projects. There are various theories and tools already in place. You do not need a degree to learn this.

[https://pmdprostarter.org/project-toolbox/](https://pmdprostarter.org/project-toolbox/) has good information where you can learn the basics and get a high level overview on this topic. The best thing to do is to start implementing it straight away. Perhaps organise your own goals, or set it up to manage projects within your family.

**3. Put yourself in the position to win**

Last and probably the hardest step is convincing yourself you deserve it. We have limiting beliefs and negative beliefs about making more money. This alone will stop you from putting yourself in a position to win.

So you want to work on your self-esteem. **Must read book: Release your brakes by Jim Newman.**

Once you handle this area of you, you will give yourself the chance to win. You will sign up to courses, you will apply for the position when it opens up. You will feel more comfortable asking for a raise because you know the value you bring and you know that you deserve it.

And lastly, I want to leave you with this quote:

Do more than you are being paid to do, and you'll eventually be paid more for what you do.


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Worksity Team

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