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By keeping the money inside your local community, it ensures that money is able to do what it is truly meant to do __ serve the needs and enrich our local communities.

Worksity is an online marketplace that connects local talent and students to local people and businesses in an effort to help build a profitable local community.

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What Type Of Services can I Delegate?

Home based services are those which you require someone for everyday chores, such as gardening, car washing, decluttering, grocery shopping and more.

Creative services are those that require someone with specific training and experience in a particular field of creative work, for example: photography, website design, Logo Design and more.

Business services are those which require someone with specific training and experience in a certain business fundamental, such as: accounting and finance, management, strategy, marketing, branding and more.

Community Support & Volunteers mainly supports the growth and experience of international students whom can not own their own businesses in UK, but still can support their local community as a volunteer.

The services that these students can provide will vary from voluntary Home Based Services to Creative Services and Business Services

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How do I get started?

Recognise Your Need, Find Someone To Help

Search through hundreds of talents and students in your local community. Easily find someone that suits your specific needs.

Select The Local Who You Wish To Work With.

Select the local you want to work with, and get in touch simply within the platform, asking for their prices and availability.

Delegate Your Task, Get The Job Done.

Communicate your needs, a time, date and price and get the Job done.

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Safe & Secure

How our payment system works

Option 1 - Online (Recommended for all users).

  • Our payment system ensures that your payment are 100% refundable.
  • Worksity takes 5% commission from each transaction. How we use it? To maintain Worksity, and provide you with a safe and secure screw payment system so you can have a good night sleep.

We do offer dispute resolution.

Option 2 - In person. (We do not recommend)

  • No money is exchanged between you and Worksity.
  • Payment is exchanged between the Job Poster and service provider.

We cannot and do not offer a payment.
We cannot and do not offer refunds.
We can not and do not offer dispute resolution.  

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Trusted By 100+ Local People And Businesses

Why Local communities Love Worksity.

delegate for a more effective and efficient outcome.

Local businesses are under pressure from bigger companies who have got access to capital.

This issue can be even worse if you are a start-up or a local self-employed individual.

Some of those problems could be the cost of building a website, or to finance a specialist to help you with your financial forecast.

Even coming up with a business, management and marketing strategy to get your service or product on the market can be costly and confusing for someone starting out.

Worksity builds great opportunity for the local businesses and general public to gain the same quality of service as other big companies get for a much cheaper cost.

We save you money and time.

Time has become a luxury in today’s digitally connected world.

Saving time is impacting on retail in a big way.

It drives the growth of both local and online shopping.

It's a major factor in the trend for convenience,

a trend which withstood the recession.

Time is something that more and more people are willing to buy.

This is about more than just convenience, but increasingly about outsourcing tasks.

Local residents and local businesses can benefit from accessing the student talent for their daily tasks and projects and focus their energy on what they can do best to help their own local community.

Trustworthy local helper.

In every local community there is a demand for an introduction to a trusty local help to carry out odd jobs that could vary from;

helping an elderly neighbour with their shopping,

doing your neighbours’ gardening,

helping a new member of the community move in,  


maybe there is someone like this in your local community but they are not as well known, or celebrated.

Worksity helps you to get connected to those individuals.

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Meet some locals who love Worksity!

Worksity helps keeping our money inside our own local communities, which can have an automatic positive impact in our own daily lives, even if it is not us who is directly spending that money.


“I feel compelled to laud and share my recent post for assistance from Worksity.

I find extreme difficulty walking let alone stand, my knight in shining armour or more accurately my lady.

My request was to help with some shopping, to be picked up and then return home.

Lucy for that is her name helped me around the supermarket, then packed all the shopping for me and to return home, what I found to be so impressive was that she carried all the shopping in and even asked if I needed help in putting it away.

I cannot emphasise enough how vital this service is with for those who need assistance because of their limitations.

I implore anyone in the local vicinity, or within a reasonable distance to use this essential service, you can login on Facebook and book a time convenient for you to be helped with shopping or indeed any other help that you would require.

I found Lucy to be so wonderful and helpful and I will certainly without doubt use this service regularly.

Lucy has a VW van with plenty of space to accommodate most requests, This has been a lifesaver for me, I urge anyone who needs help or assistance to use this brilliant service.”
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“Worksity is an amazing service.

Thank you Amin and Sophie, I can now put my house on the market and start my new life in the New Year.

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And Many More

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