How we can help?

Be a Job Creator. Not A Job Seeker.

We connect local university students and talents to local people and businesses.

Our goal is to inspire and encourage local students and talents to create jobs within their own local communities.

By offering a platform to advertise your own personal brand and businesses, we can all offer something to our local societies.

We will guide the next generation of job creators, not job seekers.

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What Type Of Services can I Provide?

Home based services are those which community requires someone for everyday chores, such as gardening, car washing, decluttering, grocery shopping and more.

Creative services are those that community requires someone with specific training and experience in a particular field of creative work, for example: photography, website design, Logo Design and more.

Business services are those which community requires someone with specific training and experience in a certain business fundamental, such as: accounting and finance, management, strategy, marketing, branding and more.

Community Support & Volunteers mainly supports the growth and experience of international students whom can not own their own businesses in UK, but still can support their local community as a volunteer.

The services that these students can provide will vary from Home Based Services to Creative Services and Business Services

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How do I get started?

Create your profile.

First, signup and create your profile.

list the skills you have

Then list the skills you have, this may be graphic design, animation, home DIY or any other services that you feel your community needs!

Get Hired. Get paid.

finally, keep 100% of the money you earn because we are here for your benefit and not to your detriment.

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Meet some students who gained real world experience, helping businesses in the local area and got paid to do it!

- They did this without spending time and money looking for clients...
- With no real qualifications or degree.. (Some of them are first year university students!)
- Using the expertise and knowledge they learnt during their regular studies


Animation Student

Mark is a first year student who wanted to add some real world portfolio experience on his CV.

He felt stuck because he didn't believe he had the credentials as a first year student and didn't have the skills to find clients.

Luckily for him, Maverick animations, a local animation studio were looking for someone just like him!

The end result was a superb animation for Joon Festival, a happy client and a massive positive on his CV when he applies for jobs.

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Industrial Design Student

Amin was in his final year and wanted to make some extra cash without having to get a part time job.

He is passionate about web design and just out of curiosity took up courses on linkedin learning. This was just a passion project and he didn't realise there was a demand for this skill in the local area.

Little Shell Project, a small jewellery and accessories shop, had started building their own website but weren't able to complete the project for over 2 years due to lack of time.

This was the perfect match as Amin was able to help finish the project. While doing something he was passionate about, Amin was able to make extra cash and had a lot of fun doing it.

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Animation Graduate

Whilst studying animation at university, Sophie gained technical skills in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Using the network Worksity, she has been able to easily connect with the people and local businesses who are in need of her skills and pay  for her creations!

The first project she worked on allowed her to earn in her free time , gain valuable experience, built connections which could lead anywhere... and all of this before she graduated.

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