Our vision is to enhance local community members' wellbeing....

A Note to Our users

We would like everything that we provide you to be for your benefit and not your detriment.

Everything that light touches in Worksity, is for you and free, except a grey area, which The Worksity Academy is part of that grey area. The purpose of The Worksity Academy is so we can protect our independence.

In this grey area, we make our money, so we can spend it back to keep Worksity platform running for you, for free. If your goal is to thrive and live within local communities that enhance our wellbeing, we see Worksity as something that we all need.

The products and services we are offering in The Worksity Academy that we ask you to pay for them, look at them like a cup of coffee to one of our team members who has helped us to gather all this valuable tools and products for all of us to use.

Once again, thank you for your support and know that it is this support that is going to keep us strong in many days to come.

Yours Faithfully

Worksity Team

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